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Loyal - Loving - Energetic - Athletic 

Hi, I'm Biki! My name is Japanese for beauty, said to describe my soul and my physical appearance.


My family describes me as loyal - I never run away, I'm an aggressive lover - I kiss too much, and I'm socially awkward - only family matters to me.


According to them, I have a high prey drive. It must be all the bees I chase and eat, the rodents I kill and gift my mom, and all the stuffed animal toys I rip apart - R.I.P. 

It's also worth mentioning that I'm an amazing mom and survived by all my pups. Take a peek at my amazing family!


Clever - Independant - Playful - Talkative 

Hi, my name is Yaju, my name is Japanese for beast, but I do well with others. I love toys and snacks. I will do tricks for food, and believe it or not, I can talk! 


People say I'm intelligent, playful, and really into neck tickles. I am independent and regal in my demeanor, but if I like you, I'll let you tickle me. Most dogs whine for attention, but I like to talk when I need something.

It's also worth mentioning that I've littered some amazing pups. Take a peek at my amazing family!

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