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Cunning - Devoted - Playful - Resilient 

Hi, I'm Kitsune! My name is Japanese for fox, said to describe my physical appearance and characteristics.

My family describes me as cunning - attractive just like a fox - tiny, narrow chest, red fur, pointy ears, and bushy tail - not to mention I'm the quickest in my pack.

I am devoted - a great listener and communicator - especially with my paws.

I am resilient and playful, just like my parents, Biki and Yaju!


Charming - Noble - Spirited - Loving 

Hi, my name is Ashi; my name is Japanese for paw because, according to my family, my paws were enormous when I was a pup!


My family says I'm charming and noble - something to do with my thick fur, signature Shiba smile, and tight, curly, fluffy tail. 

I am full of energy and enthusiasm - hence they call me spirited. Watch my tail, and it will give it away!

I am social and loving. I am definitely a sucker for attention, back scratches, and belly rubs!

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